About Sophia's Roses

"May the sweet fragrance of Sophia’s Roses fill your heart with love, laughter and joy." - Sophia


Growing up in the Karoo, I’ve always been passionate about open veldt, nature and farming. As a child, my father used to bring me short-stemmed roses from my mother’s garden, since then roses had a special place in my heart. Never did I know that I will grow roses in this semi-desert area of South Africa, called the Karoo. Today I have the opportunity to share my love and roses with people all over South Africa.


Never in my wildest dreams, I thought my dream would be born out of precisely this... What seemed to be a nightmare, a curse, turned out to be a blessing from Above. I remember how I cried when I heard I’ll be moving into town, in my heart, I always thought I belong on the farm amongst the Merinos and open fields of the Karoo... God knew better... My life is living proof of what one can become when you let God be the potter and you’re the clay. When my husband asked me what I want to do with a yard filled with rubble and weeds, my natural answer was to plant roses. When we calculated that we could plant 5000 rose bushes in the yard, my husband's responded that he would purchases the roses on the condition that they have to earn their keep. In honour of my heavenly Father, I am and always will be His the humble gardener, thus the beginnings of Sophia’s Roses.


The Gardens

We planted our first 1000 rose bushes in the year 2017 and kept planting more to be able to supply the demand. Our rose bushes are grown in the open fields exposed to the harsh conditions of the Karoo. Because of my love for nature, I try to work in harmony with nature and as far as possible by using environmentally friendly herbicides and pesticides. My backyard garden quickly became too small, which let me expand to more ground in town and on a farm. We also expanded on our flower varieties, to address the shortfall of roses in between flushes.